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Armenia stocking up Konkurs-M ATGM from India
Azerbaijan irked by India's defence sales to Armenia, launches misinformation campaign against Indian weapons
Armenia sets its eyes over India made Akash SAM, Anti Drone system and Loitering Munitions
Artillery to rocket launchers — Armenia turns to India to beef up defence against Azerbaijan
After Armenia, Kalyani MArG to get orders from the Indian Army
After Swathi WLR, Pinaka MBRL, ALS-50 and Nagastra Loitering Munition, Armenia interested to procure Pralay SRBM
Pinaka Mark-II Guided Missile have to face Israeli Harop Suicide Drone in Armenia
India to export Pinaka MBRL, Anti tank missiles and ammunitions to Armenia under a defence deal
Armenia may acquire Indian EW technology, drones & anti drone systems
Armenia to Purchase Indian Military Drones: Report
India, Armenia Exploring Long-term Military Cooperation
Armenian military delegation shown Indian drone and Anti-Drone system