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DRDO - TASL developed Wheeled Armoured Platform (WhAP) showcased for the 1st Time in Republic Day Parade on Kartavya Path
Arming and aiming: Why India’s ‘indigeneous only’ Republic Day parade is such a big deal
DRDO's new Supersonic TARget (STAR) missile powered by Liquid Fuel Ramjet engine revealed in new brochure
First look of DRDO's HSTDV based missile revealed in a poster by DRDO
India will start testing DURGA-II Directed Energy Weapon soon
India to develop Intelligent Aircraft-mounted System for Long-range Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Indian Navy plans to arm frontline warships with SMART long range missile cum torpedo system
Nag Missile System (NAMIS) Inducted into the Indian Army
India offers DRDO SAAW to Vietnamese Air Force for their Sukhoi Su-30 fighters
DRDO to unveil Durga-II Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) this year
India to start testing ALFA-S loitering munitions
DRDO develops Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for operations in Himalayan frontier
DRDO develops ‘Gun on Drone’ technology for futuristic warfare
DRDO scientists develop 'rat cyborgs' that can help in military operations
ADA to build Ironbird Facility for futuristic manned aircraft : Tejas MK2 MWF & AMCA
India's TAPAS BH-201 MALE UAV enters user trial stage