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Kalyani unveils new 155mm/52 caliber Extended Range variant of Ultra Light Howitzer that can fire upto 41km
IAF gets Droonam Counter UAS system from Gurutva Systems
IAF Chief calls for Foreign Collaborations on 5th Gen Stealth Fighter AMCA program
IAF set to place ₹1,400 cr order for Rudram-1 Next Generation Anti Radiation Missile (NGARM)
DRDO wants start ups to develop Long Range Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)
IAF wants Air Force variant of VL-SRSAM mounted on 8x8 HMV instead of American NASAMS-II, Trials in 2024
DRDO advancing Photonic Radar development to detect Stealth objects
ADA has no plan to develop an Air Force version of TEDBF
DRDO DG asks DLRL to start exporting Electronic Warfare Systems in upcoming years
NAL invites bid from Indian manufacturers for AMCA testbox
Indian Armed Forces to issue Trial Clearance Certificates to Pvt Defnce companies to boost their export chances
Indian startup Edith systems developing Stinger-400 counter UAS system
Armenia sets its eyes over India made Akash SAM, Anti Drone system and Loitering Munitions
Learning a big lesson in Malaysian fighter tender, HAL developing HLFT-42 ultra low cost trainer cum light fighter for export market
Artillery to rocket launchers — Armenia turns to India to beef up defence against Azerbaijan
HAL seeks design & development of raw materials used in Su-30 under Make-II category
Honeywell & Newspace Research to collaborate on unmanned systems technologies
IAF Garud commandos look for guns with high indigenous content but no prospects in local market
Sagar Defence developing Autonomous Swarming Underwater Drones for Countermine Operations
Delhi's Aerosense Technologies develops Naval Ship-Borne Unmanned System