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Azerbaijan irked by India's defence sales to Armenia, launches misinformation campaign against Indian weapons

Source : IgMp Bureau

Azerbaijan irked by India's defence sales to Armenia, launches misinformation campaign against Indian weapons
Azerbaijan couldn't digest the fact that Armenia buying Indian weapons at a rapid pace and at a cheap price

Irked by India's rising defense sales to Armenia, an Azerbaijan News website has reported that Armenian leadership is eager to catch up with Azerbaijan in terms of military technical equipment of the Armed Forces, but there is no official information on the quality of the weapons procured from India as systems like ATAGS and Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher have not been tested enough.

In an attempt to push false information, an Azerbaijani military researcher has claimed that the 155 millimeters ATAGS is a copy of American M777 Howitzer and these systems can be easily targeted and destroyed in no time by Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones.

First of all, Azerbaijan military expert don’t have any information about ATAGS which is a 155mm/52 caliber Heavy Artillery system whereas American M777 is a 155mm/39 caliber Ultra Light Howitzer system.

Secondly, Armenia hasn’t procured ATAGS, they have procured Indian Pvt Defence company Bharat Forge Kalyani group made 155mm/39 caliber Ultra Light Truck Mounted Howitzer system which is identical to M777 Ultra Light Howitzer but not a copy of the system, it is completely indigenously designed and manufactured system.

Armenia wants to procure these weapons in future

Actually, Azerbaijan is very much frustrated with Armenia procuring one after another sophisticated military equipments from India to tilt the military balance in their favour. Armenia has already purchased Swathi Weapons Locating Radar, Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher, Anti Tank Missiles - ammunitions and Kalyani Truck Mounted Gun system. While Armenia has also expressed interest in procuring Indian Anti Drone systems, Akash Short to Medium range Air Defence system and Pralay Short Range Tactical Ballistic Missiles to replace Russian Iskander-M SRBM.

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