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India successfully test fires short-range nuclear capable Prithvi-II missile from Odisha
India successfully test fires Agni-IV Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM)
India issues multiple NOTAM for the month of June likely test of HSTDV and Rudram-2 ARM
India issues another NOTAM warning for 1st-3rd June; likely test of Rudram-2 ARM
India issues 3,300km NOTAM for 6-7th June !! Agni-IVP or DRDO Veda !!
India conducts maiden test firing of indigenously developed Naval Anti-Ship Missile - Short Range (NASM-SR) | WATCH Videos
India issues multiple NOTAM warnings for the month of May and June for multiple missile tests
India to test Astra Mk2 and Mk3 BVRAAM, Rudram-2 ARM,SAAW and Smart Glide Bomb this year
India issues NOTAM warning for 10th-13th May date range in Bay of Bengal
India successfully flight tests Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet (SFDR) booster off Odisha coast
Unprecedented: India issues 4 NOTAM warnings !! K5 SLBM Pop Up test possible !!??
India Successfully Test-Fires 2 More MR-SAMs Off Odisha Coast
India issues Revised NOTAM for 6th-7th March
India issues 2nd NOTAM warning for this month with an experimental flight range of less than 355kms
India issues fresh NOTAM for New Missile test
India test fires BrahMos, Uran (Kh-35) Anti-Ship Missiles from Andaman And Nicobar Islands
India Issues another NOTAM, seems to be for HSTDV
India issues 2 more NOTAMs for Missiles Tests
DRDO, IAF successfully flight-test indigenous SANT missile.
Watch India Successfully Test-fires Short Range Surface To Air Missile VL-SRSAM Off Odisha Coast