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Hyderabad based firm VEM Technologies wants to be a part of Tejas Mk2 & AMCA program like the Tejas Mk1/1A projects
AMCA to have Electronic Pilot feature to assist pilot
Stealth fighter will match IAF’s needs: ADA DG Girish Deodhare
ADA has started work on Serrated Panels of AMCA
DRDO constructs multi-storey building in 45 days; to house R&D facilities for AMCA project
India’s 5.5 gen fighter shooting to catch China
MoD starts process for obtaining CCS approval for AMCA project: MoS Ajay Bhatt
Big Landmark For India’s Stealth Fighter Programme As Manufacturing Of 1st AMCA Prototype Begins
”Modular and Commonality” How ADA plans to develop 3 fighter jets in India
IRDE to start evaluation of EOTS Sensor designed for India's AMCA stealth fighter
DRDO-SAFRAN ties up to develop 125kn engine for India’s indigenous 5th-Gen AMCA stealth fighter
14 New High Thrust Engine will be used as TD for AMCA Program
AMCA: Public-Private Consortium soon to get Govt nod