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ADA to build Ironbird Facility for futuristic manned aircraft : Tejas MK2 MWF & AMCA
IAF to sign off CDR of AMCA by March, 2023 followed by CCS approval within 6 months
UK-Japan-Italy to announce joint plan to develop 6th gen fighter, while IAF may take help for AMCA
IAF Chief calls for Foreign Collaborations on 5th Gen Stealth Fighter AMCA program
Hyderabad based firm VEM Technologies wants to be a part of Tejas Mk2 & AMCA program like the Tejas Mk1/1A projects
AMCA to have Electronic Pilot feature to assist pilot
Stealth fighter will match IAF’s needs: ADA DG Girish Deodhare
ADA has started work on Serrated Panels of AMCA
DRDO constructs multi-storey building in 45 days; to house R&D facilities for AMCA project
India’s 5.5 gen fighter shooting to catch China
MoD starts process for obtaining CCS approval for AMCA project: MoS Ajay Bhatt
Big Landmark For India’s Stealth Fighter Programme As Manufacturing Of 1st AMCA Prototype Begins
”Modular and Commonality” How ADA plans to develop 3 fighter jets in India
IRDE to start evaluation of EOTS Sensor designed for India's AMCA stealth fighter