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AMCA to have Electronic Pilot feature to assist pilot

Source : IgMp Bureau

AMCA to have Electronic Pilot feature to assist pilot
AMCA Front Section

In an interview with The Week magazine an avionics engineer of the AMCA program has said that the AMCA will be getting an Electronic Pilot feature who will instruct the flying pilot of the AMCA.

The Electronic Pilot feature will come as an aid to the actual pilot and will help in making better choices to meet mission objectives including deep strike missions.

She also added that the AMCA will have a long-range radar with Extended Range Detection Sensors and Network-Centric Warfare Capability.

Multi-Spectral Sensors will be placed across the airframe that will allow the pilot to have a 360 degree visual without having to maneuver the fighter jet.

The cockpit will have a 3D Audio Warning System with voice activated commands that will reduce the workload of pilots.

The Group Director of the AMCA program has said that the first prototype will be ready after four years of CCS approval which should be coming any day now.

The Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) has planned a 10-year roadmap for making the first five prototypes and completing flight tests.

The five prototypes will cost close to 900 crore rupees each but the cost is expected to reduce drastically in the production variant.

The AMCA Mk1 will be over 70% indigenous and scientists don't want to scale up the indigenous content further as it would not be economically viable but the AMCA Mk2 variant will have a very high indigenous content of 90% percent.

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