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Indian Army’s Northern Command adds Kalyani M4 to its fleet of armoured vehicles
Kalyani group delivers first batch of Kalyani M4 vehicle to the Indian Army : Larger order soon
Bharat Forge Kalyani M4 High Mobility Armoured Personnel Carrier ready for delivery to the Indian Army
Bharat Forge develops 120km range rocket assisted hypersonic projectile
Kalyani Group Showcases the Extensive Portfolio at East Tech 2022 : APFSDS Mk2, JVPC, ECARS UGV, Carbine and Garuda 105 V2 Howitzer
Why Indian Army may go ahead with Kalyani's All Steel 155mm 39 Cal Ultra Light Howitzer not Titanium Variant
‘Bharat Forge can supply 100 ATAGS guns every year’
Indian Army inducts Bharat Forge Kalyani M4 Monocoque Hull Multi Role Mine Protected Armoured Vehicle in Pune
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh unveils ‘Made in India’ Multi-terrain Artillery Gun built by Bharat Forge Kalyani group
Kalyani Group demonstrates ECARS UGV to Indian Army