Why Indian Army may go ahead with Kalyani's All Steel 155mm 39 Cal Ultra Light Howitzer not Titanium Variant

Source : IgMp Bureau

Why Indian Army could go ahead with Kalyani's All Steel 155mm 39 Cal Ultra-Light Howitzer not Titanium Variant
Bharat Forge Kalyani Group's All steel 155mm X 39 caliber Mounted Artillery Gun TC-20 (Left) and 155mm X 39 caliber Ultra Light Howitzer (Right)

High-ranking Ukrainian officials have confirmed that some units of the American M-777 howitzers have suffered minor damages from Russian drones but they can't be repaired due to the use of lightweight materials like titanium and even minor breakdowns cannot be fixed without getting specialized personnel involved in its repair.

The Indian Army is carrying out trials of the Kalyani group's 155 millimeters x 39 caliber Ultra Light Howitzer (ULH) in all steel variant and all-titanium variant and the third all-steel truck-mounted variant.

The Chairman of Bharat Forge has said that the Army could go for the all-steel variant Ultra Light Howitzer (ULH) since they are easy to repair and damaged components can be fabricated in lesser time for replacement while the titanium variant are costly to procure and are also difficult to fabricate and repair and even spares takes a lot of time in the manufacturing process.

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