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Bharat Forge develops 120km range rocket assisted hypersonic projectile

Source : IgMp Bureau

Bharat Forge develops 120km range rocket assisted hypersonic projectile
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A 155-millimetre cannon rocket-assisted artillery round with a 120-kilometre range is being developed by Bharat Forge. It has a rocket motor built inside it for independent propulsion, allowing the projectile to travel farther and faster than a ballistic shell that doesn’t have rocket assistance.

A cannon, howitzer, mortar, or recoilless rifle round that incorporates a rocket engine for independent propulsion is known as a rocket-assisted projectile (RAP). Compared to a non-assisted ballistic shell, which is merely propelled by the gun’s bursting charge, this results in the projectile travelling farther and faster.

A new rocket-assisted projectile (RAP) round that the US Army tested as part of its Extended Range Cannon Artillery programme (ERCA) has a range of 62 kilometres, but engineers are striving to increase it to 70 kilometres.

Conventional artillery rounds will become “smart” weapons with near-perfect accuracy if Bharat Forge is successful in striking a target at a distance of 120 km.

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