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Indian Navy to finalise MRCBF selection next month : F/A-18 vs Rafale Marine

Source : IgMp Bureau

Indian Navy to finalise MRCBF selection next month : F/A-18 vs Rafale Marine
F/A-18 Super Hornet vs Rafale-M in Indian Navy MRCBF tender

As per latest media reports, the Indian Navy will make a selection between Boeing F/A-18 Block-III and Dassault Aviations Rafale-Marine next month and 26 Carrier Borne fighters will be procured through the Government-to-Government route.

Both the contenders Boeing and Dassault Aviation have agreed to integrate Indian developed air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles but Boeing enjoys a distinct advantage of being able to incorporate the uprated F-414 enhanced engines on the F/A-18 that will find commonality with their F-414 engines that will be manufactured in India for the Tejas Mk II program.

Boeing's F/A-18 Block-III Super Hornets powerful engines will also enable it to offset the payload limitations inherent in STOBAR carriers and it edges past its competitor Rafael-Marine.

Ideally the Rafale-M would have been the natural choice due to the existing 36 Rafale fighters of the Indian Air Force due to the commonality of systems and ease of operations, however the lack of a foldable wing is a major limitation.

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