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Feasibility study of the propulsion system for Indian Navy Landing Platform Docks (LPD) completed

Source : IgMp Bureau

Feasibility study of propulsion system for Landing Platform Dock (LPD) completed for the Indian Navy
Modle of the LPD on offer to the Indian Navy by L&T and Spanish Company Navantia (Image Source: SP's Naval Forces)

The Indian Navy had issued a Request For Information (RFI) for the procurement of form Landing Platform Docks (LPD) in August 2021 and as per latest reports the feasibility study for the propulsion system for Landing Platform Dock has been completed and a prototype of electric propulsion system will be developed in the next 18 months.

The development of the first Landing Platform Dock will take five years and the Navy will receive one ship every year.

The Landing Platform Dock will be equipped with laser-based Close-in Weapon Systems (CIWS) and the ship must be capable of accommodating at least two heavy lift helicopters, 12 Special Operations helicopters and two Naval shipborne unmanned aerial system.

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