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Private Sector firm EEL to develop 250 km range Tactical SRBM & 150 km Guided Pinaka, BDL to manufacture 3500 Swarm Drones

Source : IgMp Bureau

Private Sector firm EEL to develop 250 KM range Tactical SRBM & 150 Km Guided Pinaka, BDL to manufacture 3500 Swarm Drones
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The Ministry of Defense has said that the emergency Financial powers of 300 crore rupees allocated to the Armed Forces for quick purchase of weapon systems are not for imports from foreign countries and dozens of proposals are under discussion with Indian companies.

Officials have said that one of the proposals under discussion is a new Tactical surface to surface missile of 250 kilometers range that will be fully indigenous and exponentially cheaper than the BrahMos missile which will be a first of its kind project proposed to be developed by the private sector firm Economic Explosives Limited (EEL).

The Ministry is also reviewing a proposal by Economic Explosives Limited (EEL) for 150 kilometers range-guided Pinaka Rockets, another proposal being reviewed is for Armed variants of Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) drones that are already being manufactured by Adani Elbit Advanced Systems India Limited which will be more than 60% cheaper than the American MQ-9 Predator UAV.

Official also said that Indian firm Bharat Dynamics Ltd is in advanced stages of developing a 3,500 Swarm Drone system and has also submitted proposals for Unique Systems like disposable drones that can be used for quick surveillance by Special Forces.

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