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Enhanced version of Pinaka MBRL system test-fired successfully in a series of tests from Pokhran firing range

Source : The Hitavada

Enhanced version of Pinaka MBRL system test-fired successfully in a series of tests from Pokhran firing range
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Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Ordnance Factory Ambajhari, Nagpur (OFAJ) jointly carried out a series of successful test-firing of the Extended Range Pinaka rocket system (Pinaka-ER) in the last couple of days, said OFAJ on Tuesday. 

The test-firing took place at Pokhran Field Firing Range (PFFR) in Pokhran, Rajasthan on March 28 and 29. The rocket system has been jointly manufactured by Ordnance Factory Ambajhari, Nagpur, a unit of Yantra India Limited (YIL), Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSU), Ordnance Factory Itarsi (OFI) and Ordnance Factory Chandrapur (OFCH) both units of Munitions India Limited (MIL). 

“It was a 100 per cent successful test that conducted in Pokhran,” Anjan Kumar Mishra, Additional General Manager, OFAJ told The Hitavada. “The Pinaka- ER (Mk I) has an extended range of up to 45 kms. In the trial, total 24 Pinaka Rockets were launched against targets at four different ranges that is 13 km, 17 km, 24 km and 45 km. All the mission objectives were met during the launches,” said Mishra. 

“The Pinaka-ER is still under developmental phase and series of trials is underway. After this successful test the user trial will be held soon,” he added. 

OFAJ used its sophisticated manufacturing facility for Pinaka rocket manufacturing, OFI used its forte of propellant manufacturing for propulsion filling and OFCH used its state of the art facility for warhead filling and integration. 

The PODs were manufactured by Ordnance Factory Bhandara (OFBh). The rocket system has been jointly designed by two Pune-based DRDO laboratories — the Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) and the High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL). The enhanced range version of Pinaka Rocket System has the capability to destroy targets at distances up to 45 kms. 

During this two-day trials Various flight parameters were tracked by range instruments including Telemetry, Radar etc. by the teams of ARDE. The team tracked the trajectory and range of the projectiles for their consistency and accuracy and found that to be well within range, informed Mishra. After establishing the performance efficacy of the Pinaka-ER, DRDO will transfer its technology to the industry.

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