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Rajasthan: Indian Army conducts integrated fire power exercise 'Shatrunash' in Thar desert
Indian Army to conduct biggest military exercise on Western front
India rolls out 1st Integrated Battle Group (IBG) concept with Mountain Corps near China border
Indian Army conducts airborne insertion, combat drill
Indian Army inducts swarm drones: How it will impact balance with China along LAC
DRDO successfully tests Laser-Guided Samho cannon launched ATGM from Arjun MBT
New Operational Concept’: Indian Army conducts ‘Exercise Blitzkrieg’ in Ladakh
Indian Army to order 105mm/37 calibre Garuda mounted gun
DRDO successfully tested Pinaka MK-I, Pinaka Area Denial Munition rocket systems in Pokhran Firing Range
Indian Army inducts Igla-S MANPADS from Russia
Enhanced version of Pinaka MBRL system test-fired successfully in a series of tests from Pokhran firing range
The Indian Army gets Sako .338 TRG-42 sniper rifles from Finland
Indian Army carries out airborne insertion exercise
Boost for indigenous firepower: ATAGS set for final trial, Dhanush clears fresh firing test