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Indian Army gearing up for any kind of mischief from either side

Source : Indian Armed Forces at a Glance

Indian Army gearing up for any kind of mischief from either side

Written By Kartikeya Semwal (IgMp Group member)

Indian Army is known across the world for its preparations on the border for any kind of mischief by the enemy on either side of the border. Their hard training, readiness and determination to fight and win is the reason why countries like US, UK, France, and Germany send their troops to train with the Indian Army. Whether it is number of troops or weapons, the Indian Army always seems ready to deal with any kind of threat in any season.

Indian Army across Eastern border


Ever since Galwan-clash and Pangong-Tso lake confrontations with China’s PLA troops, Indian Army has upped its deployment of man and machine across the eastern border. But ever since Taliban took over China started visiting forward posts of Pakistan & started providing heavy weapons to their army, Indian Army has been gearing up to deal with both our enemies. 

Chinese Truck Mounted Howitzer SH-15 supplied to Pakistan recently

Recently, China has decided to sell 236 SH-15 long-range howitzers to Pakistan so that they can be used against India. And in order to counter these, Indian Army has given an order to produce 200 more K-9 Vajra self-propelled wheel-mounted long-range howitzers which it will license produce in India itself. 

K-9 Vajra deployed in the east.

On the other hand, China has deployed its rocket force that basically carries different types of short, medium & long-range rockets and missiles. Indian Army is no less and has in counter deployed Pinaka, Pinaka NG, and Prithvi and Agni series of ballistic missiles; along with Brahmos supersonic cruise missiles across the eastern border. 

China's doom and India's BrahMastra.

In order to give a befitting reply to China’s howitzers, Indian Army has deployed indigenously developed Dhanush towed howitzers and recently acquired M-777 ultra-light howitzers that can fire up to 45km inside Chinese territory. 

Dhanush guns in the east.

China had thought that deploying rocket force will scare India and it will give up land but exactly the opposite happened. Now China’s PLA troops are scared of an immediate and effective backlash by the Indian Army if they dare to even fire a single rocket or missile. Not just that, India has also deployed its air-defense systems that include interceptor missiles, which are capable of destroying enemy’s ballistic missiles mid-way. 

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