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UAE Plans to offer its Mirage-2000 fleet to Egypt, Morocco, and India


UAE Plans to offer its Mirage-2000 fleet to Egypt, Morocco, and India
A United Arab Emirates Air Force crew chief salutes a Mirage 2000-9 pilot prior to take-off on the Nellis Air Force Base flight line Jan. 23, 2013.(U.S. Air Force photo by Lawrence Crespo)

After concluding a mega-deal with France for 80 Rafale F4 jets and still working to procure American F-35 jets that are presently on hold by the Biden administration, the United Arab Emirates now plans to offer its 59 Mirage-2000 Dash 9 and 7 Mirage-2000 Reconnaissance variants to Egypt, Morocco, and India at a heavily discounted price as it plans to retire them from its airforce from 2027 onwards.

India and Egypt still operate Mirage-2000 Dash 5 variants in their airforce and the Moroccan air force operate older Mirage-F1 jets. Media reports indicate that Morocco might be offered some of these jets at Free of cost by UAE and Egypt at a friendly price, it is not clear at this point of time if India will be offered jets at a regular price or a friendly price but some reports are hinting that some older Mirage-2000 jets that are kept in storage might be given to India for free.

The Indian Air Force recently signed a 27-million euro contract to purchase 24 phased-out Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft from France to be used for spares to keep the current fleet operational till 2040 and recently also acquired two used Trainer variants of the Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft from France to replace two conversion trainer aircraft that was lost in accidents in last few years.

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