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IAF and Navy to start getting more Astra Mk1 BVRAAMs in 2022


IAF and Navy to start getting more Astra Mk1 BVRAAMs in 2022
Astra Mk1 BVRAAM on Indian Air Force Sukhoi Su-30MKI (File Photo)

In 2020, MoD had placed orders for 250 indigenously designed and developed Astra missiles for the IAF’s fleet of Su-30MKIs and the Navy’s MiG-29K fighter aircraft. has been told that the first tranche of Astra Mk1 BVRAAMs will start arriving from Bharat Electronics Limited in the first quarter of FY2022-23 as HAL already has upgraded several units of Su-30s.

Indian Air Force already has been delivered 50 pre-production Astra missiles in 2019 and had placed orders for 200 more Limited series Production Astra Mk1 missiles that are to be largely equipped on the Su-30MKI fleet. 50 Astra Missiles will go to the Navy that will be equipped on the deck-based Russian Mig-29K fighter jets for which already work has begun.

IAF’s Mig-29UPG fleet has been designed next to be operational with the Astra missile after which more orders for 400-500 Astra Missile will be ordered. has been told that bulk orders for the 110-km range Astra Mk1 Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missiles might follow once 200 units are delivered by end of 2022.

Test flight by an LSP LCA-Tejas aircraft with the Astra Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM) for the first time will also be carried out in 2022 but it will only become operational with the Tejas Mk1A fleet.

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