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Rajasthan: Indian Army conducts integrated fire power exercise 'Shatrunash' in Thar desert

Source : India TV

Rajasthan: Indian Army conducts integrated fire power exercise 'Shatrunash' in Thar desert
Image Source: Indian Army Twitter @adgpi

South Western Command of the Indian Army conducted the Integrated Fire Power Exercise, 'Shatrunash' at MFFR in the Thar desert of Rajasthan on Monday. The exercise witnessed the use of multifarious firing platforms in an integrated manner involving both ground & aerial manoeuvres. Various actions including the insertion of troops, offensive ground actions involving comprehensive coordination incorporating contemporary technologies in a multi-domain environment etc were conducted.

Skills like real-time communication and sharing of a common operating picture amongst various participants to overcome emerging threats were practised and honed in the exercise. 

This was affected by exploiting versatile & indigenously manufactured long-range aerial & ground vectors such as Advanced Light Helicopter (Weapon System Integrated), K9 - Vajra, Sharang Arty Guns, Bhishma (T-90 tanks) & Ajeya (T-72 tanks) to operate in a synergised manner based on the intelligence picture provided by well-established Intelligence, Surveillance & Recce (ISR) Architecture. The devastating effect of firepower was visible at the target end alongwith the ground manoeuvres executed by the mechanised forces.

Lauding the training given to troops, Lieutenant General A S Bhinder, General Officer Commanding In Chief, Sapta Shakti Command appreciated the participation & synergy amongst various combat & combat support arms. He also commended the exploitation of the capability of indigenous platforms inducted as part of the initiative. Furthermore, the General Officer Commanding In Chief reiterated the need to constantly explore new fighting methodology and enhancement of own capability to fight future wars. 

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