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India developing Vehicle Mounted Counter Swarm Drone System (VMCSDS) named 'Bhargavastra' for the Indian Army

Source : IgMp Bureau

India developing Vehicle Mounted Counter Swarm Drone System (VMCSDS) named 'Bhargavastra'
Representative Image (This image does not represent the original system)

Indian Army is one of the first in the world to induct a swarming system and is now developing a counter-swarming drone system.

The system is primarily for protecting mechanized army formations from swarming drone attacks. It uses a hard kill system (Micro Missiles) to neutralize the threat.

In principle approval was given by CCS to some defense projects on September 16, and this system is one among those.

The system is tentatively named 'Bhargavastra'.

The system will be mounted on a 4x4 vehicle. Detection range more than 5Km for 0.01m2 UAVs. Micro Missile with IIR/CCD seeker will have an interception range of 2.5 Km.

Each vehicle will carry 64 micro Missile in 8x8 cassettes, Micro Missiles will have 2.5 Kg in weight , capable of multiple launches in 10 Seconds, and also capable of vertical launch with 360-degree coverage.

Such kind of missile is already available with Indian private firm EEL.

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