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Astra IR to incorporate Next Generation technology for 5th gen aircraft

Source : Indian Defence Updates (IDU)

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Astra IR Close Combat Missile (CCM) CGR by Kuntal Biswas

The DRDO has decided that more Next Generation technology needs to be incorporated in the Astra IR variant to ensure that it's also future ready so that it can be fielded on 5th Generation platforms.

The new Astra IR missile will see certain changes in aerodynamics but will maintain the same airframe of the Astra Mark 1 BVRAAM and will feature an infrared and radio frequency seeker in a single missile casing.

The Astra IR will have a range of 50 kilometers and will feature both rail and ejection launch modes and will be fine-tuned for detecting reduced infrared and electromagnetic signatures of enemy 5th-generation aircraft.

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