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150km Pinaka and 250km tactical cruise missiles; Armenia gets all existing Pinaka types: Solar Group Chairman

Source : IgMp Bureau

150km Pinaka and 250km tactical cruise missils; Armenia gets all existing Pinaka types: Solar Group Chairman
Solar Group Charman Mr. Satyanarayan Nandlal Nuwal spoke on Pinaka MBRL in details

The Chairman of Solar Group, Mr. Satyanarayan Nandlal Nuwal has said that the Indian army has accepted the company's proposal to develop a 150 kilometers range-guided Pinaka Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) system and the work on the development has already started.

He also said that Solar Group has also proposed to develop a 250 kilometers range tactical cruise missile that will be without a seeker but will be equipped with a guidance system that will cost only 8 crore rupees per unit as compared to 40 crore rupees of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile.

He also threw some lights on the deal with Armenia, under which he said India is going to supply all the 3 current versions of Pinaka MBRL that is Pinaka Mk1 with 38km range, Pinaka Mk1 Enhanced with 45km range and Guided Pinaka with 75km range. Among these 3, Guided Pinaka is the most advanced version as it features Inertial Navigation System and Satellite Navigation Guidance both at the same time along with long range.

Armenia signed contract for 4 batteries of Pinaka MBRL along with ammunitions and ATGM. Each Pinaka battery consists of 6 launch vehicles and each launch vehicle consists of 12 rockets which are supported by a radar, loading vehicle and command posts.

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