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India fast tracks development of Pralay tactical SRBM

Source : IgMp Bureau

India fast tracks development of Pralay tactical SRBM
Pralay Short Range Tactical Ballistic Missile

India has accelerated the development of the Pralay canisterized Tactical Surface-to-Surface Ballistic Missile and as per latest information five Pralay SRBMs are being fabricated which will be delivered by March 2023 that will be used for user induction trials.

The 500 kilometers range Pralay missile will become part of Artillery Regiment and later will join the upcoming Rocket Force to carry out precision conventional strikes.

India also aims to export the Pralay missile to friendly countries in the region.

At this moment, the only means for the Indian Army to strike targets at distances of close to 500 km is the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. Despite its high accuracy, it can carry a limited payload of roughly 200 kg, with the disadvantage of being somewhat expensive. As a result, the Indian Army in recent times has felt the need for an SRBM with a range of around 500 km that can also carry a sizeable payload. 

Pralay missile is comparable to China's Dongfeng 12 (CSS-X-15) also known as M20, Russian 9K720 Iskander and South Korean Hyunmoo 2 missile. Pralay is a solid fuel missile that follows a quasi-ballistic trajectory and can perform mid-air maneuvers using maneuverable reentry vehicle (MaRV) to defeat anti-ballistic missile (ABM) interceptors.

Pralay uses a new generation of composite propellant that High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL) started working on during the development phase of Sagarika from K Missile family. The solid fuel is highly efficient and can provide more energy compare to the fuel used in Agni missile series. The objective is to help miniaturize future missiles without compromising on operational range.

Pralay can carry 350 kg to 700 kg high explosive preformed fragmentation warhead, Penetration-Cum-Blast (PCB) and Runway Denial Penetration Submunition (RDPS) at a range of 150 km to 500 km which can target radar and communication installations, command and control centers and advance airfields. Since, most of the available short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) in India are of strategic purpose which can raise false alarm of nuclear strike in a conventional warfare scenario. The Pralay missile is specifically developed to be highly mobile and meet the conventional tactical ballistic missile requirement of the Indian Army. Upon induction, Pralay missile will become part of Regiment of Artillery. 

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