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Importance of QR-SAM and why it is an endgame for MALE UAVs like Turkish TB2 Bayraktar

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Importance of QR-SAM and why it is an endgame for MALE UAVs like Turkish TB2 Bayraktar
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Today Indian Army and DRDO has successfully flight tested QR-SAM for six consecutive times which is basically an user evaluated trial, that means the test is conducted under the supervision of Indian Army while DRDO is there with them for monitoring the system.

Now it is worth to inform that many people are criticising Indian Army for testing the system for a long time, but we want to inform them that the system is tested today under full configuration mode by the Indian Army, that means the system is already inducted into the Army Air Defence Network.

Now if you want to know more about QR-SAM then you have to understand the working mechanism of QR-SAM. Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile (QR-SAM) is a Short Range Surface to Air Missile defence system which Indian Army will extensively use in the coming future. You can not mix up QR-SAM with other SAM systems, this is a different SAM system whose application is something unique. There is a catch phrase in the name of the system that is ‘QR’ which stands for ‘Quick Reaction’, normally there is a threat to Ground Armoured Formations from the air, be it from UAVs, Helicopters, Fighter jets or missiles. In this scenario, there is a need for a movable air defence system which will be quick, that’s where QR-SAM was born for the Indian Army, which may become very crucial for our ground formations in the coming future.

When in future Indian Army ground armoured formations will move inside enemy territory along with QR-SAM batteries, then enemy close air support or air assets can not target our formations so easily and they will have a risk of being shot down if they ever try to come close to our formation.

Whenever an Armoured Ground formation moves inside enemy territory, there remains a threat to those formations from air, but if that ground formation moves along with a movable Air Defence System which is quick, agile and can track and target aerial threats on the move, then it will basically neutralise all the possible threats that comes from enemy close air support.

We have seen the effect of these type of systems in Ukraine war, when at first Russian missile strikes destroyed Ukraine’s Bayraktar TB2 drone’s Ground Control systems completely, for that Russian Armoured Formations moved inside Ukraine without any air defence support without any hesitation. But when at later stages, when Ukraine received 2nd lot of Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones, then Russians have to deploy Pantsir and TOR type of Quick Reaction Air Defence Systems, after the deployment of these QR-SAMs Ukraine couldn’t do much and the propaganda videos have stopped.

There is a battery level surveillance radar system in DRDO’s QR-SAM, whose range is 120 km and it is a C-band radar which can intercept 2 meter square targets at 120 km range, apart from this there is also a Multifunctional radar which works as fire control as well as surveillance works and it is a S-band radar that can track 2 meter square targets at 80 km distance. Both these radars are believed to be based on Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology.

In QR-SAM system, battery multifunction radar and launcher forms a group and in a battery of QR-SAM, there is 4 such groups, in short a single QR-SAM battery consists of 24-48 missiles in ready to fire mode. And in a single regiment of QR-SAM, there is 3 such batteries.

In short, you are looking at a system whose 1 regiment can make an airspace of more than 100 km secured from fighter jets, helicopters and UAV’s. In short, you can say that QR-SAM is an endgame for Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAVs, even these armed drones can not collect propaganda footages wherever QR-SAM will be there. Overall this is a very crucial development for Indian defence network, and now Indian Army should order this fantastic system developed by DRDO in bulk numbers.

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