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New AMCA model breaks cover : DAS | IRST or EOTS | FSO & More

Source : IgMp Bureau

New AMCA model breaks cover : DAS | IRST or EOTS | FSO & More
CGI of AMCA stealth fighter by Harshal Pal

Recently a photograph of India’s indigenous AMCA 5th Generation Stealth Fighter has been published in the social media, where we can see many things clearly.

But after publishing this photo, defence lovers have raised some questions regarding some of its sensors placements and its stealthiness.

New Model of AMCA

If you all clearly see the picture, then you can find two things which raised doubts and questions among defence enthusiasts, first of all, it is confirmed with this photo that in AMCA Mk-1, Infrared Search and Tracking (IRST) system will be used instead of Electro Optical Targeting  System (EOTS).

Infra-Red Search and Tracking (IRST) system on AMCA new model (Red Circled Area)

If you closely watch the IRST on board the AMCA model on this photo, then you can understand that the IRST is attached separately, initially there was no provision of IRST system on the base variant of AMCA, most probably after getting user inputs this IRST is being added to the design.

If you closely monitor the IRST installed on the model, then you can say that the IRST model seems very weird, and seeing this, many have observed that this can be a detachable IRST system. Now you have to understand that every IRST system there is a Line Replaceable Unit underneath inside the aircraft, and what you see above is actually the tip of the iceberg and the main portion is installed inside the aircraft, that means the IRST on AMCA cannot be a detachable system.

Space left for Front Section Optronics in AMCA (Red Circled Area)

The second thing which we have observed, can fix the disappointment came with the IRST on board AMCA. If you closely monitor the frontal section, then you can see there are space left Front Section Optronics.


F-35 DAS (Left) and French Dassault Rafale Front Section Optronics (Right)

Now it will be interesting to see what type of Front Section Optronics is installed there. Will it be like the F-35 DAS or be like the FSO of the French Dassault Rafale ?

After analysing other sensors and optronics on board, it can be said that there are chances that the Front Section Optronics of the AMCA will be on the lines of DAS like the F-35.

Now if you simply this thing then the DAS or Distributed Aperture System is a type of Missile Approach Warning System which provides 360 degree coverage, while EOTS can do the job of IRST and Targeting Pod at the same time, so in short we can say that IRST can not be a replacement for EOTS and if AMCA isn’t carrying EOTS then it will have to carry Electro Optical pod separately alongside IRST, which will severely compromise its stealth.

So there are lots of questions which needs to be answered regarding AMCA, and we can get all the answers in next year’s Aero India.

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