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Indian Navy pushing for IAC-2, left with 2 options for IAC-2 configuration

Source : IgMp Bureau

Indian Navy pushing for IAC-2, left with 2 options for IAC-2 configuration
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Indian Navy has intensified lobbying for the development of the second Indigenous Aircraft Carrier or IAC-2.

Cochin Shipyard has already offered to build another sister ship of INS Vikrant class of 45,000-T instead of Indian Navy’s desired 65,000-T INS Vishal supercarrier.

As we have seen many times earlier, like in the case of Arihant class SSBNs and upcoming 6 SSNs project, PMO has directly funded those top priority projects and monitored them directly, if special funds are granted directly by the PMO like the former two projects which we have mentioned, then the Navy will go for a new design that will see the development of a 65,000 ton Aircraft Carrier.

In case, the Navy manages to secure partial funding from the Government, alogn with usage of some of its own funds from its budget then it might be able to settle for a 55,000 ton Aircraft Carrier.

Although whatever the carrier will be between 55,000-T or 65,000-T, it is for sure that IAC-2 or INS Vishal may not include EMALS for it as the carrier will be a conventionally powered one instead of nuclear powered.

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