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India to built missile silos to store its land based ballistic missiles for safety and swift launching

Source : IgMp Bureau

India to built missile silos to store its land based ballistic missiles for safety and swift launching
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As you all know that India is dependent upon ground based missile systems for nuclear delivery mission, as we don’t have any Strategic Bombers and India has always opted not to acquire Bombers. Instead India opted to develop a series of different types of ballistic missiles like Short Range Prithvi, Prahar, Shaurya and Medium to Inter continental range Agni series which will be mainly used to deliver nuclear warheads.

India maintains a ‘No First Use’ nuclear policy that means when any country will attack us with nuclear warheads, then in response we will strike them back with nuclear warheads.

Right Now, India has Nuclear Triad which means we can deliver nuclear warheads from anywhere like land (ground based ballistic missiles), air (fighter bombers and air launched cruise missile) and sea (submarine launched ballistic missiles).

But our primary platform will be land based ballistic missiles, and we have to store it in somewhere for swift launching at the time of usage and for this we may require ground based missile silos to store these ballistic missiles for faster launching when required.

And with these silos we can store Agni series ballistic missiles underground near borders and we can launch them very quickly whenever required, as these missiles will be kept at ready to fire mode in those missile silos.

Another advantage of this missile silos is that if enemy launches first strike on our land, then they can not wipe out our land based nuclear missiles because of these missile silos which will be nuclear blast proof and will be situated underground, from where we can launch our retaliatory nuclear 2nd strike on our enemies, and India has already promised devastation of enemy if we launch 2nd strike on any country, nobody will be left in that country.

This is why India has finally decided to build nuclear silos around the country at several undisclosed secret locations, which will be very secure than our current mobile launchers platforms of ballistic  missiles.

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