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IAF Chief outlines his Game Plan against China : Future acquisitions & upgrades

Source : IgMp Bureau

IAF Chief outlines his Game Plan against China : Future acquisitions & upgrades
IAF Chief mentions these above major platforms which are either being acquired or under process to be acquired in the coming years

The Indian Air Force Chief delivered a lecture on transformation of the Indian Air Force present status and the way ahead during which he presented some slides on new acquisitions and upgrades.

The Air Chief has said that the Indian Air Force is procuring 4 squadrons of Tejas Mk 1A, 6 squadrons of Tejas Mk 2, 2 squadrons of AMCA Mk-1 and 5 squadrons of AMCA Mk-2, 6 squadrons of MRFA fighter jets.

The Indian Air Force will also procure 16 Mig-29 and 12 Su-30 aircraft from Russia, The Air Force will procure 127 Tapas Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) drones, Archer Short Range UCAV, Autonomous Stealth Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle and 10 MQ-9 Predator drones.

The Indian Air Force is procuring 5 squadrons of Russian S-400 system, 18 squadrons of MR-SAM, 640 missiles of Very Short-Range Air Defense (VSHORAD) system and is also looking to procure Very High Frequency (VHF) Anti Stealth Radar system and 61 Close In Weapon Systems (CIWS).

The Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) for ISTAR aircraft is currently under progress and the purchase of 6 additional Flight Refuelers are in the pipeline, the Air Force has informed that the 6 Netra Mk-2 AEW aircraft will be based on Ex-Air India Airbus A-321 aircraft and not on A-319 reported in the media.

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