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Germany's Type 212CD submarine emerging as Front Runner in Indian Navy's Project-75I

Source : IgMp Bureau

Germany's Type 212CD submarine may emerge Front Runner in Indian Navy's Project-75I
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After the recent changes in Project-75I, the German offer of Type-212CD class submarine is seen as the top contender that features a proven Hydrogen fuel cell-based Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system.

The Type-212CD features a new stealth design and the hull will be Diamond shaped to deflect emissions by the Active Sonar systems that are equipped on Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) ships, it will also feature a new combat system known as ORCA that will allow the analysis of larger amounts of sensor data.

Germany is building 2 Type-212CD submarines for the German Navy and 4 for the Norwegian Navy, while on the other hand the financially troubled South Korean shipbuilder Daewoo shipbuilding has suffered approximately $600 million in damages as production was stopped due to a 51-day strike and another $67 million loss from an Indonesian submarine contract that has yet to take off.

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