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German comeback in P-75I to boost Indian Navy's Tender : Germany to offer Type-212CD submarine for the tender

Source : IgMp Bureau

German comeback in P-75I to boost Indian Navys Tender  Germany to offer Type-212CD submarine for the tender
German Navy Type-212CD submarine made by Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems

The Indian Navy is holding discussions with the German shipbuilder Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and it might be making a comeback in the Project-75I as India will withdraw some of the liabilities clauses from the tender that could have made the foreign company responsible for the job done by its Indian strategic partner.

Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is likely to offer the Type-212CD design that has a surface displacement of 2,500 tons but it is not clear if the Indian Navy will be ready to compromise on its actual displacement as the Navy requirement mentions the submarine displacement to be 3,000 tons.

But it is for sure that the Germans are going to comeback in the tender as previously they along with French, Russian and Spanish submarine makers have withdrawn their names from the tender due to some liability clauses in the tender which the Defence Ministry has approved the Navy to withdraw those clauses, and extended the tender bidding by another 6 months.

But it will be difficult for the French and the Russians shipbuilders to comeback in the tender, because the Indian Navy sticks to the AIP requirement clause, which means only the companies with proven AIP equipped submarines can participate in the tender which the French and Russians can’t.

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