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F-35 for India or an attempt to derail Indian AMCA !?

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Propaganda against AMCA: Western lobby's deliberate attempt to derail Indian 5th Gen AMCA project by spreading F-35 offer to India ?
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Several media outlets around the world are making noises that the Indian Air Force is silently having a talk with the United States for 2 squadrons of F-35 Stealth Fighter.

While several others have tried to teach India what we should do, they asked India to develop our own Light Combat Aircraft Tejas first into a proper fighter and should forget about the AMCA 5th Generation stealth fighter for now, so that we can become dependent on the US for stealth fighters.

First, of all, we need no lectures from your side as to what we should do for our Air Power. For their kind information, we want to inform them that LCA Tejas is a fully combat-proven best-in-class Light Combat Fighter right now in the world, operating in the Indian Air Force near China and Pakistan border.

And already the 2nd more advanced Tejas version Mk-1A has been flown for the first time last month and the delivery of the 2nd contract for 83 Mk-1A jets will start from next year, while another more advanced larger sized version called Mk-2 is under prototype stage which will be flown for the first time next year and will start delivery from 2024 end.

While we are also building the first prototype of the AMCA 5th Generation Stealth Fighter, our dream bird at the same time and we are expecting it to be unveiled within the next 2 years or even before if everything goes as per schedule.

So, it is better for Western media and lobby to stop their propaganda to derail India's indigenous fighter projects. India is not going to step into your traps anymore, we have come a long way and from hereon, the Indian Air Force will only operate indigenous fighters designed and developed in India. 114 MRCA tender will be the last foreign sourced fighter deal for the IAF. Indian Air Force has already expressed its firm commitment for indigenous stealth fighter AMCA, LCA Mk-1A and Mk-2 along with 114 MRFA.

And we have a suggestion for Indians, don't believe the propaganda by certain foreign media houses as they are trying their best to derail our indigenous projects so that we become dependent on them, just like we were for years. Actually, they are worried about our growing defence industry after the call of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat' which means a 'Self Reliant India' in every sector including Defence, which will ultimately snatch Indian defence contracts away from their hands and they are anticipating one more challenger to their dominance in the global arms market.

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