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DRDO develops 30mm Hypersonic Railgun Prototype

Source : IgMp Bureau

DRDO develops 30mm Hypersonic Railgun Prototype
DRDO 30mm Hypersonic Railgun Prototype

India has taken a giant leap in developing futuristic weapon platforms as the DRDO has successfully developed a prototype of a 30 millimeters Electromagnetic Railgun that can fire projectiles at extremely high velocities reaching up to Mach 6.

The Railgun is easy to handle and can be deployed very quickly in any theater of operation.

The DRDO is also working on a larger Railgun that can find its way into Next Generation Destroyers.

Meanwhile, after 10 years of testing the US Navy has cancelled the development of Electromagnetic Railgun and has turned its attention to the development of Laser-Based Weapons and Hypersonic missiles.

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