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Big Exclusive: India shows its power to the world, forces Chinese Spy Ship Yuan Wang 5 to return with a heavy heart and tonnes of failures

Source : IgMp Bureau

Big Exclusive: India shows its power to the world, forces Chinese Spy Ship Yuan Wang 5 to return with a heavy heart and tonnes of failures
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Suddenly, the Chinese spy ship (whom the Chinese call ‘Research Vessel’) Yuan Wang 5 left for Sri Lanka through sea route. Although it was planned suddenly, the docking of Yuan Wang 5 in Sri lankan port of Hambantota was for a larger plan of a special mission and for a longer duration. However, in stead of fulfilling the special mission, and gaining success, they got trapped in their own coin. But how?

Reportedly, on August 17, bankrupt Sri Lanka allowed China's spy ship (which it calls a research vessel), Yuan Wang 5, to enter its Hambantota port, despite India's strong objections.

This Chinese ship has a highly sophisticated radar system. It is capable of gathering information about any military base or installations within a radius of 750 km. This Chinese spy ship was on its way to Sri Lanka with a very special purpose. And that purpose was to collect all the confidential information of many important places and installations in India, including India's Missile Base in South India, ISRO launchpad in Sriharikota, Indian Navy Headquarters in Vizag, Missile test range of Chandipur in Odisha.

It is important to note that all these important places in India were within 750 km from Sri Lanka's Hambantota port. It is known that Sri Lanka has collapsed under the burden of excessive debt. Due to such a Chinese debt, Sri Lanka has lost its control over the port of Hambantota. Because the Hambantota port has already been given for a 99-year lease to China served on a platter, as Sri Lanka couldn’t repay the loan it took from China. The port now belongs to China. So despite India's objections, Chinese ship docked at Hambantota port owned by China.

As a result, despite India's objections, Sri Lanka had nothing to do, except being a mere spectator.

After that, India took the initiative to save all its important resources and information. Now the question may arise, what did India do to escape from the powerful radar antennas of Chinese Spy Ship Yuan Wang 5 ?

In this context, it is known that before the Chinese ship docked, India's two military intelligence GSAT 7/7A satellites (Rukmini and Angry Bird), RI SAT and India's spy satellite EMISAT took positions on or around the Sri Lankan port. Then these satellites formed an electromagnetic mesh block or signal shield (covered with a lot of electromagnetic mesh) over the entire area as reported by IgMp on 19th August. As a result, the Chinese ship was not able to collect data by sending a microwave signal. It is also called a type of jamming.

We have also received information that, on the contrary, India, through their EMISAT, shook hands with all the transponders of Chinese Spy ship and entered their computer systems onboard, filled them with tonnes of junk data. Many of China's secret algorithms, Chinese military informations and Chinese encryption technology have fallen into India's hands. And in doing this, the thing which has helped Indian Intelligence agencies is the Indian Electronic Spying system named "Kautilya" which India sent to space in 2019.

However, all the operation was not so simple and easy to conduct. Hundreds of Indian engineers, scientists, and military experts made this Mission a grand success. 

Many International Military experts and Scientists have been amazed how India could conduct such big Electronic Warfare against China ?

As a result of this Indian onslaught, the Chinese Spy ship Yuan Wang 5 couldn’t fulfill its special mission or operation that it intended, instead handed over all its important information to the intelligence agencies of India. Some sources in twitter also claimed that the Military expert who had given the idea to Chinese President Xi Jinping, of sending this ship to Indian backyard for spying mission, has been fired from his post by President Jinping, although IgMp can not confirm it. 

But it is for sure that the Chinese Spy Ship returned to China on August 22nd with a loads of failure over its shoulder, a big failure of not getting the mission objectives met and instead handing over vital military information to the enemy, this may follow with an action against Commanding Officer and crew of the Yuan Wang 5 in China by the Chinese President and Chinese Communist Party led Military Commission.

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