UK offers Marine Engines for Indian warships to fill the Ukrainian Vacuum

Source : Business World

UK offers Marine Engines for Indian warships to fill the Ukrainian Vacuum
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India is set to ink a military logistics agreement with the United Kingdom during the forthcoming visit of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to Britain beginning July 4 to signal increasing military intimacy. The UK is also likely to make a strong pitch for a partnership on jet fighter and marine engines during the Minister’s visit and showcase weaponry and military technologies which could be offered to India on a co-development basis.

While the handful of players in the global aero engine industry – including Britain’s Rolls Royce – have high stakes in the upcoming programme for development of a 110 kn engine for India’s futuristic Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA), the UK is set to pitch the Rolls Royce MT-30 marine gas turbine engines for Indian Navy warships as an alternative to the Ukrainian Zorya-Mashproekt M7N engines in the context of uncertainties caused in traditional supply lines by the war in Ukraine.

Sources also indicated that the UK is also ready to offer collaboration on integrated full electric propulsion for Indian Navy warships of the future.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will be given a demonstration of technologies on offer during his visit to the Royal Navy aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth at Portsmouth.

“Systems and technologies to be offered and demonstrated include Airborne Early Warning (AEW) systems, laser beam-riding MANPAD, short-range surface-to-air missiles (SR-SAM), mid-sea replenishment and underwater maritime domain awareness,” sources indicated to BW Businessworld.

The logistics agreement is likely to be similar to the ones India has with the US, Russia, France, Australia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam. Such agreements enable a reciprocal arrangement for use of military logistics facilities while transiting through each other’s military bases and reflect mutual trust and good relations.

The logistics agreements include provision of fuel, repair and maintenance facilities, spares, medical facilities, replenishment of food, billeting and transportation. These are particularly relevant to the navies.

During his visit to the UK, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will have discussions with the British Defence Secretary Ben Wallance and the Minister for Defence Procurement Jeremy Quin and is likely to call on Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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