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‘2611’: Udaipur Killer paid 5,000 extra for Bike Number, say sources

Source : NDTV

‘2611’: Udaipur Killer paid 5,000 extra for Bike Number, say sources
The number plate and the details of the registration of the recovered bike from the Udaipur murderers

Udaipur, Rajasthan: Days after the Rajasthan police revealed the Udaipur killers’ links to a Pakistan-based terror group, cops made another sensational revelation in the case today. One of the killers, Riyaz Akhtari, paid extra money to get a number plate for his motorcycle that read 2611. Police are linking it to the date when Mumbai faced its worst terror attack. It’s the same vehicle the two killers Gos Mohammad and Riyaz Akhtari used to escape after brutally slitting the throat of the tailor Kanhaiya Lal.

This bike with the seemingly sinister registration number RJ 27 AS 2611 is now lying at the Dhan Mandi police station in Udaipur.

Police sources say Riyaz deliberately asked for the number 2611 and paid ? 5,000 extra for this number plate. It could provide vital clues into this sinister crime and its planning.

Cops believe the number plate could also be a clue to what was going on in Riyaz’s mind as early as 2014. Police sources told NDTV that Riyaz’s passport reveals that he visited Nepal in 2014. His mobile data also shows that his phone was used to make calls to Pakistan, they added.

After killing Kanhiya Lal in broad daylight, the two murderers escaped on this bike that is now lying in a police station in Udaipur.

This bike, recovered from Riyaz Akhtari, is part of the police station records.

The two men were trying to escape on this bike when they were caught at a police barricade in the Rajsamand district about 45 km from Udaipur.

Regional Transport Office (RTO) records show that Riyaz Akhtari purchased the bike after taking a loan from HDFC in 2013. The insurance for the vehicle expired in 2014 March.

There were 26 injury marks on the body of Kanhaiya Lal who was murdered on Tuesday by two cleaver-wielding men. The killers filmed the grisly killing and later gloated about it in a video.

There were 26 stab wounds on the body of the 46-year-old tailor who a former IPS officer said was a victim of an “ISIS-type execution”. A post-mortem was conducted on Wednesday morning.

As many as 32 officers of the Indian Police Service (IPS), including the Inspector General and Police Superintendent Of Udaipur, have been transferred in the wake of the gruesome murder.

The two accused were produced in court amid heavy security yesterday. The court sent them to judicial custody for 14 days.

Crowds raised slogans against the two on the Udaipur court premises.

Udaipur continues to be on alert as the curfew imposed after the horrifying crime continues.

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