'India is mother of democracy, says PM Modi while addressing huge gathering of Indian diaspora in Munich

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'India is mother of democracy, says PM Modi while addressing huge gathering of Indian diaspora in Munich
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a gathering the Indian community at Audi Dome in Munich, Germany. Twitter/ @MEAIndia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Indian diaspora at Audi Dome in Munich on Sunday. He was welcomed with enthusiasm and chants of 'Modi, Modi'

It was the largest gathering of the Indian diaspora in Germany post-pandemic. Most of the people came dressed in traditional attire.

Addressing the programme Modi lauded Indian democracy while mentioning the "Emergency" declared by the Indira Gandhi government on 25 June 1975. Earlier in the day, the topic had prominently featured in his Mann ki Baat programme as well.


In an exhilarating atmosphere in Munich, Modi described how the 'DNA of democracy' is inscribed in Indians. "Today is 26 June which is also known as the day when India's democracy-- that's is in the DNA of every Indian-- was trampled and suppressed 47 years ago. Emergency was a black spot on the vibrant history of India's democracy," said Modi. 

He said that 47 years ago an attempt was made to hold that democracy hostage, and crush democracy; however, Indians answered all the conspiracies to crush democracy. 

"The people of India answered all the conspiracies to crush democracy, done in a democratic way. We Indians take pride in our democracy wherever you are. Every Indian proudly says India is Mother of democracy," said the prime minister. 

Digital India 

Speaking on the progress that the country has been making, the prime minister said that in the last century, Germany and other nations benefitted from the industrial revolution; India was a slave back then and failed to leverage the same resources. "But now India will not be left behind in the fourth industrial revolution, it's now leading the world", said Modi. 

He said, there was a time when India was nowhere in the race of startups. Today, India has the third-largest startup ecosystem. He added that on an average, a Unicorn is being made in India every 10 days. 

Similarly, the country used to import even the simplest phones, but today, India is the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. he said. "We are making new records in data consumption, data prices, and even digital transactions. India is leading the way. With the highest mobile data consumption, India is one of the cheapest data providers in the world," he added. 

The India of the 21st century, in the fourth industrial revolution is not one of the laggards, but one of the leaders. Be it IT or digital technology, India is shining on every front, the prime minister said. 

Besides, India has also come out of the mentality of chalta hai’ (lackadaisical attitude) and moved on to ‘karna hai’ (have to do). "Today India takes a pledge to 'have to do', 'have to do' and 'have to do on time', he said. 

"Today, every village in our country is open defecation free, has electricity, has roads and 99 per cent of the villages also have clean cooking fuel," the prime minister added. 


He said, today every poor in India is getting free treatment of Rs 5 lakh. In this time of pandemic, India has been providing free food grains to 80 crore poor for the last two years. He also said, there was a time when people said India will take 10-15 years to vaccinate its population against COVID-19. Today, 90 per cent of adults have taken both doses and 95 per cent of adults have taken at least one dose, he added. 

Clean energy 

Speaking on climate change, a topic close to his heart, he said, "We had an ambitious target of 10 per cent ethanol blending in petrol. We achieved it five months before the target. India is now ready for progress, for development, and for the fulfillment of its dreams." 

Climate change is not just an issue of government policies in India. The youth of India is investing in electronic vehicles and other similar pro-climate technologies. Sustainable climate practices are becoming a part of the lives of ordinary people of India today, Modi said. 

"India has shown how well a democracy is delivering in such a vast and so diverse country. The way crores of Indians have achieved big goals together, it is unprecedented," he continued. 

Cleanliness is a lifestyle 

Continuing on the vein of cleanliness, he said, "Today cleanliness is becoming a lifestyle in India." The youth of the country consider it their duty to keep the country clean. Today the people of India are confident that their money is being honestly spent for the improvement of the country. They have realised that corruption does not pay and that's why tax compliance too has been increasing rapidly in the country. 

Modi in Germany 

Earlier in the day, Modi received a grand welcome from the Indian diaspora at the Hotel in Munich on Sunday where he will be staying during his trip. 

"Bharat Mata ki Jai" slogan reverberated at the hotel premises as people from the Indian diaspora cheered and waved their flags seeing the Prime Minister. 

Modi arrived in Munich today to attend the G7 summit where he will hold meetings with G7 and partner countries and will hold discussions on issues ranging from environment, energy, to counter-terrorism. He was welcomed by a Bavarian band on his arrival in Munich. 

On the sidelines of the Summit, Modi will hold bilateral meetings with leaders of some of the participating countries. 

"Besides participating in @G7 discussions on climate, energy, food security, health, gender equality and more, PM will also hold several bilateral meetings on the sidelines," the MEA said. 

The G7 Summit invitation is in keeping with the tradition of strong and close partnership and high-level political contacts between India and Germany. 

After attending the G7 Summit, the prime minister will be travelling to United Arab Emirates (UAE) while coming back to India on 28 June, 2022, to pay his personal condolences on the passing away of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the former UAE President and Abu Dhabi Ruler. He will also congratulate Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan on his election as the new President of UAE. 

This will be Modi's first meeting with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan since his election as the new President of the UAE and the Ruler of Abu Dhabi. 

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