Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) meeting to focus on indigenous contents

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Defence Acquisition Council meeting to focus on indigenous contents
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New Delhi: India’s Atmanirbharata efforts take off during tomorrow’s Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) meeting with virtually all major deals having indigenous content. Even deals to be placed before the DAC headed by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and including the three chiefs, that had some foreign content have been tailored to be as indigenous as possible.

The Successor AD or Air Defence Gun for the Army is one such example. Initially, about 25 guns were to have been imported and the rest, made here. Now, all 220 guns will be made here as will the 150,000 rounds of ammunition. This is a Rs 6,000 crore project. Once the project is cleared, there will be trials and then the acceptable candidates will be asked for quotations.* The T-72 Bridge Laying Tank is also a local order as they are made indigenously.

These 45-50 BLTs will cost about Rs 550-600 crore.*The Army’s requirement of 105 wheeled armoured fighting vehicles to go with the tanks is being looked at. They are wheeled (and not tracked) and therefore, will be effective not in the desert, but in the plains of Punjab, or the plateaus of Ladakh and Sikkim. Armed with an anti-tank guided missile, the 105 vehicles are likely to cost about Rs 3,500 crore.* For the Army and also, the Navy and Indian Air Force, there are 1868 Rough Terrain Forklift vehicles.

This is indigenous and is currently a Rs 900 crore project.* It is not certain whether the purchase of 12 Swati Weapon. Locating Radars for the Army, to replace the aging American ANTPQs will come up at the DAC. As it’s made in India and is a repeat order, it should be cleared either tomorrow or in the near future.

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