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Boeing recognises Tata Aerospace & Defence as “Supplier of the Year”

Boeing recognises Tata Aerospace & Defence as “Supplier of the Year”
TATA Boeing Aerospace Limited facility in Telangana

Tata Aerospace & Defence was recognized on Friday by The Boeing Company (Boeing) with the coveted award of “Supplier of the Year.” The Indian company was amongst nine suppliers that were awarded out of more than 11,000 suppliers to Boeing worldwide.

“The award is given to a supplier who contributes to Boeing’s success by sharing risk and through long-term relationships that support and advance our strategic objectives,” stated Boeing.

In a press release on Friday, Boeing announced that, for the first time, it was also recognizing firms for “proactively managing supply chain quality, readiness and  health and delivering on Boeing’s commitment to advance global sustainability.”   

According to a press release by Boeing, the award categories are: Supplier Diversity, Outstanding Performance, Alliance, Pathfinder, Supply Chain Visibility, Collaboration, Sustainability, Risk Management and Support & Services. For the first time, a Sustainability Supplier of the Year was awarded to demonstrate the importance of collaboration to drive sustainability across the supply chain.  
“Each Boeing Supplier of the Year delivered impressive performance as our entire industry collaborated to drive stability through a challenging environment,” said William Ampofo of Boeing Global Services.

“They did an outstanding job maintaining our high standards – a focus on operational excellence, quality and reliability – that allow Boeing to continue to earn the trust of our stakeholders, customers and the flying public.”   

Boeing stated that it works with nearly 11,000 active suppliers worldwide and spends approximately $37 billion in supplier payments every year.   

Another Indian firm, Rossell TechSys, has twice been nominated “Supplier of the Year” by Boeing in the last decade.

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