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Iran unveils Light Transport Aircraft named 'Simorgh'

Source : Iran Daily

Iran unveils Light Transport Aircraft named 'Simorgh'
Iranian Light Transport Aircraft named Simorgh.

Iran unveiled a light transport aircraft, designed and developed by experts at the country’s Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company (HESA).

Named ‘Simorgh’ – a benevolent bird in Persian mythology and literature – the aircraft was showcased during a ceremony in the central Iranian city of Isfahan in the presence of Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari, President of the Civil Aviation Organization Ali Abedzadeh and other senior officials.

Addressing the ceremony, Ashtiani said the aircraft will be of great assistance in serving the country and its executive agencies, both in the civil and military spheres, Press TV reported.

The top defense official stressed that Simorgh is a redesigned and advanced version of the same generation aircraft, which perfectly fits the growing needs of the Armed Forces.

He said it has been equipped with high-tech, indigenous technology and designed in accordance with the country’s climatic conditions as well as international safety standards and regulations.

Ashtiani stated that the homegrown aircraft’s propulsion system, new components as well as controllability and maneuverability gear have been designed and manufactured by Iranian specialists and are distinctly superior to other similar models.

He also noted that all ground and aerial tests of Simorgh have been carried out inside the country.

The unveiling of Simorgh has prepared the ground for the design and manufacture of more advanced aircraft in Iran, the defense minister said.

He referred to light weight, good payload capacity and radius of action, compatibility with Iran’s weather conditions, ability to take off and land on short and dirt runways, and agility in providing air medical services as distinguishing features of the homegrown Iranian aircraft.

Simorgh light transport aircraft would develop Iran’s national interests in all spheres, can be absorbed by other markets, lower production and maintenance costs, create direct and indirect jobs, and allow the Iranian aviation industry to join the world club of manufacturers of heavy and high-tech aircraft, Ashtiani noted.

Given regional developments and threats against the Islamic Republic, aerial transportation plays a significant role as the Armed Forces need to enhance capabilities in logistical operations and transportation of cargoes, vehicles, and manpower on battlefields, he added.

“The Iranian Defense Ministry assigns high priority to beef up the country’s deterrent power and fulfill the needs of ground, naval, and air force units in areas that determine the fate of asymmetrical warfare,” the defense official said.

According to military experts, Simorgh is equipped with TV3-117 engines and has a maximum cargo weight of six tons and a final range of 3,700km, capable of reaching 900km with maximum cargo weight.

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