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Tejas Mk2 to roll out by January 2023

Source : IgMp Bureau

Tejas Mk2 to roll out by January 2023
A CGI of India's upcoming 4.5 gen fighter Tejas Mk2 (Artist : Kuntal Biswas)

IgMp has learnt that significant progress has been made in the assembly of the first Tejas Mark-II aircraft that includes validation of the flight control software for the program and latest reports indicate that the first rollout will happen in January 2023.

The aircraft is shaping up nicely and contract for fabrication of most of the line replaceable units are awarded although the timelines agreed were roll out by 2022 and first flight by 2023 the aircraft may be ready even before.

The Tejas Mark-II will start low speed and high-speed taxi trials in august 2023 and the first flight might take place by December 2024.

Officials said right expectation will be to see a prototype flying in Aero India 2023.

HAL plans to manufacture five Tejas Mark-II aircraft that will be exclusively used for flight and developmental trials before it is cleared for production in 2029. 

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