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Safran or Rolls Royce : Who will build engine for AMCA ?

Source : IgMp Bureau

Safran or Rolls Royce : Who will build engine for AMCA ?
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The Project Director of AMCA Program had recently confirmed that talks are being held with potential partners that have offered joint venture in jet engine development and a new engine will be ready in seven years.

Earlier we have reported that the French engine maker Safran was in talks with DRDO's Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) to jointly develop a 125 kilo newton thrust class engine and now joint statements during the visit of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson mentions a joint venture for the development of new jet engine with Rolls Royce injects some confusion among the Indian Defence news lovers and watchers.

French firm Safran and British firm Rolls Royce have both been assigned to develop Next Generation jet engines for the Sixth Generation Fighter Jet programs for their respective countries.

Both companies have revealed plans to develop a radical state-of-the-art jet engine that will feature an electrical starter generator that was fully embedded in the core of a gas turbine engine to meet power demand and thermal load since sixth generation jets will carry lasers and other directed energy systems, advanced sensors and avionics and swarming technologies.

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