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Russian 190 MW Nuke Reactor for S5 class SSBN and 6 SSN !!??

Source : IgMp Bureau

Russian 190 MW Nuke Reactor for S5 class SSBN and 6 SSN !!??
83 MW Pressurised Water Reactor of the Arihant class SSBNs (Left) and a CGI of S5 class SSBN by Harshal Pal (Right)

India is aggressively pursuing the development of 6 Nuclear Attack Submarines or SSNs with 6,000 tonnes displacement, and is also set to start work on 3 much larger S5 class SSBNs with a displacement of 13,000 tonnes.

Upcoming S5 class SSBN and Arihant (S2) class SSBN size comparison by Harshal Pal

India has already received Russian assistance in the development of an 83 Megawatt Pressurized Light Water Reactor for Arihant class SSBN submarines, and India's both upcoming SSNs and S5 class SSBN programs will rely on a much bigger and efficient Pressurized Water Reactor that will be a derivative of the Russian-designed OK-650v reactor, that has a rated power output of 190 Megawatt, which will require key technology transfers and Russian assistance.

India has well understood that France, The United Kingdom and The United States will not give India access to their nuclear propulsion technology, and India can not afford to delay these programs, and will be going ahead with the Russian partnership.

Even if there are threats of western sanctions, India may not back off as it could jeopardize India's nuclear submarine programs by decades, which India can not afford and won’t allow that to happen.

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