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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh likely to visit US Navy’s Third Fleet

Source : Times Now

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh likely to visit US Navy’s Third Fleet
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh visited Naval Air Station base at Norfolk in Virginia in the US during his visit to the United States 2+2 dialogue in 2019

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is likely to visit the United States Navy’s powerful Third Fleet in San Diego, California, after the 2+2 meeting in Washington DC on April 11.Rajnath Singh and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar will be meeting US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and secretary of defence Lloyd Austin for the 2+2 talks in Washington DC.

The war in the Ukraine and the situation in the Indo-Pacific and also, bilateral strategic issues will be discussed. After that, Singh will visit the Third Fleet headquarters, where he will be briefed about its activities, mostly in the Pacific Ocean.

The Third Fleet has at least three carrier strike groups, headed by an aircraft carrier and its battle group. The three super carriers currently with the Third Fleet are the Theodore Roosevelt, the Carl Vinson and the Abraham Lincoln. India has 2+2 dialogues with only a handful of countries apart from the United States. They are Russia and the two of the countries that participate in the Malabar naval exercise: Japan and Australia. The Indo-US dialogue is held annually but has been delayed because of COVID related disruptions.

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