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20 Rudram-III Anti Radiation Missiles to go for trials, Su-30 integration is under process

Source : IgMp Bureau

20 Rudram-III to go for trials, Su-30 integration is under process
Rudram-III Anti Radiation Missile schematic design tweeted by @Varun55484761

In a recent tender from DRDO have revealed a clear schematic design of the 550 kilometers range Rudram-3 Anti-Radiation Missile.

System integration of the Rudram-3 missile on Sukhoi Su-30 aircraft is already in progress and 20 units are being fabricated to be used for developmental trials.

However testing will take some more time likely Rudram-2 will be tested before this heavier missile drdo recently released a tender for warhead assembly of Rudram-2. This is an indicator that missile is ready for testing.

Rudram Anti Radiation Missile Family

The Air Launched Rudram-3 will feature a Passive Homing Seeker and the first stage will have a single stage booster and the second stage will have a dual pulsed motor and will have fixed wings and control surfaces in both stages.

The Rudram-3 will follow a quasi-ballistic trajectory and will have hypersonic speed at terminal stage. 

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