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Terrorist org SFJ calls for Khalistanis to support Ukraine, in return of International support for Khalistan

Source : OpIndia

Terrorist org SFJ calls for Khalistanis to support Ukraine, in return of International support for Khalistan
Terrorist organisation Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) came out in support of Ukraine (Image: SS from SFJ's video)

On March 2, Khalistani terrorist organization Sikhs For Justice announced its support for Ukraine and urged Khalistan’s to raise an army of ‘foreign fighters to defend Ukraine. The terror outfit released a video message and a letter supporting Ukraine. In the letter, he had urged the Ukrainian President to raise a Sikh Regiment as part of the International legion of foreign fighters.

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Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, a designated terrorist under UAPA, said in the letter that, unlike India, is supporting Russia in the conflict by abstaining from voting at UNSC, Khalistani Sikhs were ready to “defend Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

He further claimed that this was the right time for Sikhs to “liberate Punjab” by siding with the “anti-India block at international level”.

In the video message, Pannu urged the Ukrainian President to raise an exclusive Sikh Regiment and offered that Khalistani Sikhs would help Ukraine in the “fight for independence.” However, he put up demand if Ukraine wanted the support of the Khalistani terrorist organization. He said, “While we raise a Sikh regiment and promote it in Punjab, we urge President of Ukraine to first recognize Sikhs into self-determination and move a resolution in general assembly recognizing sectionist referendum for the independence of Punjab from India.”

Pannu blamed NATO and western countries for siding with India in the last three decades and provoked them by saying that Russia’s military action on Ukraine has brought the perfect time to support Sikhs in their “fight for the independence of Punjab.” He further said as Sikhs had fought for the west in World War I and World War II, they would fight for them in this war, too, but for that, the west had to come forward in support of Khalistan.

Sikhs For Justice and its history of using every event for propagandaThe designated Khalistani terrorist organization, Sikhs For Justice, has a long history of using every issue for spreading its own propaganda. The organization used farmers’ protests in India to spread its propaganda and from time-to-time announced cash rewards for those who helped in spreading it further. He had announced a cash reward for anyone who hoists flag on Red Fort on Republic Day last year, and it did happen. He also meddled in the burqa row and urged to raise the demand for a separate nation Urduistan. In January, his organization took responsibility for blocking PM Modi’s convoy in Punjab.

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