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Russia looks at India for help as China refuses aircraft parts delivery

Source : Asian News International (ANI)

Russia looks at India for help as China refuses aircraft parts delivery
An Airbus A321-211 aircraft of Russian airline Aeroflot. File (Photo Credit: Reuters)

After the Russian aviation sector was hit by crippling Western sanctions for war against Ukraine, China refused to supply Russia with aircraft parts. For the supply of aeroplane parts, Russia now plans to seek assistance from India, Turkey and other countries, reported Global Defense Corp.

Russia’s air transport agency Rosaviatsiya was considering various alternatives for aircraft parts supply after China refused to supply aircraft parts amid sanctions, Russian news agency Interfax reported. Rosaviatsia official Valery Kudinov was quoted by Interfax as saying, “We have tasked airlines with looking for a possible supplier of parts on their own. As far as I know, there is information that a request has been made to China, but China has refused to do it.”

We will be looking (for opportunities) in other countries. Perhaps, via our partners, Turkey, or via India. Every company will reach an agreement on its own while we (Rosaviatsiya) will merely help legalise these parts.”

Most of the aircraft used by Russian airlines are manufactured by Boeing and Airbus.

Earlier this month, Boeing and Airbus announced that they will stop aircraft spare parts supply to Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine.

Apart from these two, many other companies in the aviation sector have cut off their ties with the country, reported Global Defense Corp.

Recently, Russia’s foreign ministry expressed its concerns over the safety of Russian passenger carriers.

Earlier this week, Russian flag carrier Aeroflot temporarily suspended all its international flight services, excluding neighbouring Belarus.

The decisions China makes regarding Russia are going to be watched by the world, the White House has said, amid reports that Beijing is trying to help Moscow either militarily or economically in its war against Ukraine.

“We are watching closely. The world is watching closely, and our national security adviser was clear. There will be consequences should they violate our sanctions,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Tuesday in response to a question.

“The decisions that China makes are going to be watched by the world. But in terms of any potential impacts or consequences, we’ll leave those to private diplomatic channels at this point,” Psaki told reporters at her daily news conference.

She was asked what qualified as helping Russia evade sanctions when it comes to China.

“During the lengthy conversation that our national security adviser had with his counterpart, he reiterated our one-China policy based on the Taiwan Relations Act, three communiques and six assurances, and underscored concerns about Beijing’s coercive and provocative actions across the Taiwan Strait, which is, of course, our position publicly, but is also something that he took the time to reiterate during this conversation,” Psaki said.

“There are a range of sanctions we obviously have in place. And we watch, of course, if there’s a violation of those. And we also watch if there is support provided for the military invasion of another country. I don’t have any assessment of that to provide you today,” she said in response to the question.

On what measures were on the table if China was found to be helping Russia either militarily or economically in the war, Psaki said the US is going to have those conversations directly with China and the Chinese leadership, and not through the media at this point in time.

“I would note that when our national security adviser was having his meeting yesterday, he was very direct about the consequences. He made clear we’re going to be watching closely, made clear that it’s not just us. The decisions that China makes are going to be watched by the world,” Psaki said.

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