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MoD approves development of 702 ACVs for the Indian Army for Combat and Logistic role

Source : IgMp Bureau

MoD approves development of 702 ACVs for the Indian Army for Combat and Logistic role
Representative Image of German company Rheinmetall's Autonomous Combat Warrior (ACW)

Indian Ministry of Defence had announced on 5th March, that it is opening up several major military design and development projects for the private sector, out of which at least 4 projects will be funded by the Government and supported by the Indian armed forces. An interesting project under this list was the development of an Autonomous Combat Vehicle (ACV) for the Indian Army.

The Indian Army has now announced its plans to procure 702 units of Autonomous Combat Vehicles (ACV) that will come in two different variants, one will be an Armed variant for combat operations, and the second variant would provide logistical support.

The Indian Army plans to operate 3 units of Armed variant that is 351 autonomous combat vehicles will be for combat missions and silent real-time day and night surveillance that can transfer real-time image and video to ground control station in secure mode at up to 10 kilometers, and 3 units of logistics support variant 351 units will be for logistics role and must be able to carry up to 1000 kilograms load in deserts plains and high altitude mountain train it must have a speed of 20 kilometers per hour a ground clearance of at least 300 millimeters and an amphibious capability at and depth of at least 500 millimeters within every armored and mechanized infantry unit. It must have an endurance of 4 hours in battery mode and 12 hours in hybrid mode.

The Autonomous Combat Vehicle (ACV) project will be executed under the Make-II category with up to 90% Government funding that will be done in a phased manner, and based on the progress of the program, in which the design prototype work and testing would be done by Indian companies.

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