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Large number of terrorists moving from PoK to LoC, suggest intel reports; troops on high alert

Source : Times Now

Large number of terrorists moving from POK to LoC, suggest intel reports; troops on high alert
Indian Army jawans pose near the snow-covered border in Poonch. (PTI Photo)

With the first signs of spring have come intelligence reports of terrorist activity on the Line of Control (LoC), about 60 terrorists, according to reports, are either in launch pads on the LoC or are attempting to cross over. Expectedly, an overwhelming number of them are of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), but the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) and the Al Badr are also present in strength.

The reports speak of a large number of terrorists in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), moving towards the LOC. They include:*Five LET fighters at Salkhala opposite the Keran sector and they could enter through the Ustad Battalion area* Similarly, an equal number are at Chirikot opposite Poonch and another six are at Sonar Launch Pad opposite Gurez.* Six more have been spotted at Mandakula opposite Navgam and two more LET terrorists are at Polas in the Poonch area.

* The biggest group, of seven terrorists are at the Tejian launch pad and are expected to move towards the LOC very shortly.*The Al Badr, though smaller than the LET is also trying to push through terrorists. About six Al Badr terrorists are at Jura Launch Pad opposite Tangdhar.*A dozen Jaish-e-Mohammed fighters may have already entered through the Keran sector recently and split into subgroups of three or four and are moving towards their allotted targets, either security forces or their installations or even civilians.

There are also reports of a Hizbul Mujahideen meeting at Roli Gali, near Kotli in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir last month where the deputy chief of the organisation Maulana Taj Shah was present. The infiltration of as many trained terrorists was on the agenda. There are also reports of the use of IEDs and grenade attacks in urban areas to spread terror.With the first reports coming in, troops are on alert. While there is no firing on the Line of Control, there is always the possibility of infiltration, particularly at night.

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