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Indo-Japan joint military exercise ‘Dharma Guardian 2022’ underway in Karnataka

Source : Asian News International (ANI)

Indo-Japan joint military exercise ‘Dharma Guardian 2022’ underway in Karnataka
Indian Army - Japanese Ground Self Defense Forces Joint Military Exercise Dharma Guardian 2022 (Image Tweeted by @adgpi)

Indian and Japanese Army soldiers held a out mock drill operation on Wednesday at the Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Center in Belagavi, Karnataka, as part of Dharma Guardian 2022. India and Japan’s Army Corps will begin their annual military training campaign on February 27 and remain in force until March 10. 

The 15th Battalion of the Indian Army’s Maratha Light Infantry and the Japanese Ground Self Defense 30th Regiment (JGSDF) participated in the nuclear mission. ‘Dharma Guardian 2022’ is a military training operation which has been taking place in India every year since 2018.

In this video you can see a demo of how a terrorist hideout operates. Uri: The Surgical Strike Cinema knows what military action is like. But it is a real event based cinema. Although the video is part of a microcosm, we get a picture of what it looks like.

Marairai noticed a soldier climbing a wall and going to the first floor. My heart flutters. There is no staircase to climb, nor a rope. Using a broken tree branch as a deterrent, a soldier climbs on top. Two soldiers standing on the ground lift the twig, the ten-man holding it as a base and going up. Coordination and timing between them is very important. The awkward climber falls down.

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