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DRDO's ERADS revealed: Desi S-400 in the making !!??

Source : IgMp Bureau

DRDO's ERADS revealed: Desi S-400 in the making !!??
DRDO is working on Extended Range Air Defence System (ERADS) whose concept will be based on Russian S-400 Triumf type ADS, but with desi radars, control systems, launchers and missiles

IgMp has earlier revealed that the DRDO is working on XR-SAM system to complement Russian S-400 Triumf in Air Defence role. Now we are informed that DRDO is working on a new Extended Range Air Defense System (ERADS) that will comprise of two types of surface-to-air missiles (SAMs). The first will be the Extended Range Surface to Air Missile (ER-SAM) with a range of 150 kilometers and the second will be the Extra Long Range Surface to Air Missile (XR-SAM) missile with a range of 350 kilometers.

As per DRDO documents, ER-SAM with 150km range, will be used to destroy fighter jets and supersonic/subsonic/hypersonic cruise missiles and ballistic missiles at terminal phase, while XR-SAM with 350km range, will be used to destroy slow moving or high value enemy aircraft like AWACS, Tankers, Dedicated Electronic Warfare Aircraft, UAVs, UCAVs, Stealth Bombers, Strategic Bombers and Helicopters.

Difference of Barak-8 and Barak-8ER (Image Credit: IAI)

ER-SAM will probably be an Indian version of Barak-8 ER with an existing Indian SAM will be modified with an additional booster to increase its range upto 150km. And as per some sources, the existing missile can be the Akash-NG SAM, whose current range is around 80-90km, and with an additional booster, it can easily touch the range of 150km, just like Barak-8 ER.

Akash and Akash-NG missile difference

Together ER-SAM and XR-SAM will create a comprehensive package of ERADS, which will take on enemy fighter jets, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, AWACS, Electronic Warfare Aircrafts, UAVs, UCAVs, Stealth Bombers, Strategic Bombers and Helicopters. ERADS may be able to track 50+ targets at once and may destroy at least half of them as per some speculated infos, although IgMp can not confirm this particular info.

Russian S-400 Triumf Command Control Vehicle, Search and Tracking Radars, DRDO's ERADS will also have systems like these

New reports reveals that the DRDO has already started fabrication of the missile systems and several components have already been developed. One firing unit of the Extended Range Air Defense System (ERADS) will have two ER-SAM launchers and two XR-SAM launchers, that means a single truck will carry 4 launcher tubes (2 for ER-SAM and 2 for XR-SAM), that will collectively carry a total of 16 missiles in a single battery or regiment. It will also have one S-band search and tracking radar, one X-band fire control radar, and one X-band mast mounted radar that will also be able to detect and engage low flying subsonic and supersonic targets.

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